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Any message or messages that violate any law, are posted with malicious intent or hurts religious feelings will be removed. Messages are individual opinions of the person posting them, and eJalgaon shall not be liable in any manner for any damage resulting from the posted message. eJalgaon reserves its rights to remove any message that it deems obscence, improper, unfit or undesirable for any reason, and without providing any explanation.

Caves Open Timings:
1) Ajanta Caves remain closed on every MONDAY.
2) Ellora Caves remain closed on every TUESDAY.
3) Both caves remain opened on all national holidays (subjected to exclusion of Monday for Ajanta and Tuesday for Ellora being their weekly holidays)
4) MTDC Aurangabad Contact telephone# +91-240-2331198

5) Ajantacaves.com portal by SANTRONIX aims at facilitating visitors and tourists with news updates, historical information and related services to assist tourists. Please refer ASI and MTDC offices for official assistance and support!
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